Hipstamatic Film Info

I’ve recently found myself using an iPhone 4s – through no fault of my own – but by way of easing the blow, I’ve discovered the iPhone Hipstamatic app.  It is amazing!

Anyway, delving through the combinations of lenses and films and the effects they have on photos, I am putting together some pages to help me make the right choices at the right time.  At least until I am familiar enough with them to be able to choose them automatically (or by saving the best ones as favourites! :-))

I’ll finish adding all these in due course, and will also do a page the other way round, listing by lens order.

I think I should also set up a standard “scene” to properly compare these, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, I’ve not updated this blog for 2 years, though I think WordPress and Hipstamatic on the iPhone, might just change all that…